Technical requirements for interfaces for connecting devices to the network of Eastern Telecommunications Company AD

I. Introduction

Document describes the technical requirements for devices connected in

Network of Eastern Telecommunication Company and a description of services provided

through the telecommunication network services. Information is provided pursuant to established

Bulgaria Directive 1999/5/EC, the Telecommunications Act and the Ordinance on the essential

requirements and conformity assessment of radio equipment and terminal

telecommunication devices.

Specifications contain information about the operation and interaction of

terminal to a public telecommunications network to identify,

maintenance release / decay of real or virtual connections.

II. Citation

In preparing the technical requirements are the following documents:

1. Directive 1999/5/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 9th March 1999 on

radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of

their conformity.

2. ETSI TR 101 730 Publication of interface specification under Directive 1999/5/EC;

Guidelines for describing analogue interfaces.

3. ETSI TR 101 731 Access and Terminals (AT); Digital access to the public

telecommunications network; publication of interface specification under Directive

1999/5/EC; Guidelines for describing digital interfaces.

4. ETSI EG 201 838 Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio spectrum matters; Publication

of interface specifications under Directive 1999/5/EC; Guidelines for describing radio

access interfaces.

III. Definitions:

Network termination point (NTP): A physical point at which the subscriber is granted access to

public telecommunication network operator.

Interface: A physical point of connection in which the subscriber is granted access to

telecommunications network operator. This is the physical presentation of the Network

Termination Point (NTP).

IV. Description

1. Network Termination Point

Binding is through a balanced 100 Ohm twisted pair with RJ45 termination

connector. Line bit rate can be 10 or 100Mbit / s. Connectors must

are connected to the Network Terminating and Test Apparatus (NTTA) / Network Terminating

Equipment, taking into account attenuation. A detailed description of the connector shown


Signal Pin

TX + 1


RX + 3

- 4 - 5


- 7

- 8

2. IP Trunk:

Eastern Telecommunication Company enables VOIP over IP connectivity and protocol N.323 or SIP signaling protocol. Supported codecs for encoding are aloud G711 q, ulaw or G729AB. Provided with support for sending and receiving facsimile messages in their network and subscribers of other networks T.38 protocol.

3. Electrical characteristics of the interface

Full specification of the subscriber's interface provides standard IEEE 802.3/Ethernet.

4. Safety and EMC

Operating voltages are defined in IEEE 802.3/Ethernet. Network equipment meets

current regulations for electromagnetic compatibility, namely:

according to the specification of Iskratel

V. Services provided

By the described interface provides fixed voice telephone service.

Additional services provided by the network are CLIP and CLIR, as subscribers can

declares them or by refusing to call the Center for the operator's network.

VI. Additional information

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Author: Yanita Staykova

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