01003” Selection of the operator

International and long distance calls at low prices.

You speak both from any location in the country and from every telephone line.


The service “Selection of the operator” is long-distance and international calls by selecting the Eastern Telecommunications Company to operate a transmission system.


The advantages of the service:


Each subscriber of VIVACOM can use the service, which enables him to monitor and control his expenditure for telephony.

When using "01003" you DO NOT pay a local call. The user pays only the spoken time according to the price list of Eastern Telecommunications Company. To use the service you do not need to have an Internet access.

Any user with a telephone line of VIVACOM and who is a subscriber of a standard tariff plan can use the code "01003" by registering on this website or in the offices of the company. The service is not available to subscribers of VIVACOM of an economy and a limited plan and to subscribers of a set "Disabled", for the subscribers with a prohibition to dial 0 (long-distance and international calls), imposed by the traditional operator.

The service "01003" is prepaid. You can pay in cash and by bank transfer to the accounts of Eastern Telecommunications Company.

Your bill you can check on-line in the Website of Eastern Telecommunications Company.

The prices of the service for customers of Eastern Telecommunications Company who you will speak with are shown in details according to destinations here.



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Long-distance fixed – 0.11 BGN

Europe fixed – 0.11 BGN

USA fixed – 0.11 BGN

Canada fixed – 0.11 BGN

Europe mobile – 0.46

USA mobile – 0.11 BGN

Canada mobile – 0.11 BGN


All mentioned prices are in BGN and include VAT.

Prices for the service “01003” are formed according to the prices of subscription plan “Economic”

Prices for any other international destination you can see on the website. www.etcc.bg



Charging of an account with Epay.bg

You should be registered in ePay.bg.

1. The customer must have a bank card.
The holder of the national debit cards must confirm his wish to make payments on the Internet by the appropriate ATM Terminal with the initiation of his PIN.
Cardholder must have an Internet access.
The client must have successfully completed the registration of the site www.epay.bg.

For initial registration in www.epay.bg, please click here.

Charging the account - other ways

- by bank transfer:

- by cash on courier
- the offices of Eastern Telecommunications Company


For more details, contact us by e-mail sales@etcc.bg, or call tel. 02/484 04 22, 02/484 04 26, 0885448877, 0885550099.

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