Telephone service to the full ITC is an alternative to fixed voice telephony services offered by the incumbent. Customers receive a new subscriber number from the numbering plan of ITC and can perform outgoing calls to all destinations in the country and abroad and to accept incoming ones. 

In this new service is that its use is only necessary to provide high speed Internet is the client, since the fixed telephone service of ITC is based on IP networks. Internet transmission can be provided by the ITC or any other Internet provider. 

All telephone calls passing through the network of ITC so subscribers do not pay the connection fee for each call carried. 

Sledplatena available as a service in the form of tariff plans. It is suitable for both private and business users. 

License and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria available to subscribers of ITC JSC law relationship with customers of all telecommunications operators worldwide. Within the home network, there can be activated and many additional services like CLIP, CLIR, SMS and others. 

Every subscriber receives a telephone number, part of the national numbering plan, which serves its incoming and outgoing calls. The use of this service are possible different technological solutions: 

Use of IP telephone 
use a telephone adapter, which may include two or more regular phone 
Telephone service to support additional features such as call waiting, conditional and unconditional targeting call, call hold, voicemail, call blocking, etc..

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