ETCC is one of the fastest growing companies operating in the field of Internet services.ETCC's network is optimized so as to ensure the quality and stability of the high rate of Internet connection. Intertoto offers high speed Internet, ensuring reliable, secure and permanent connection, independently of weather. A variety of subscription plans, extremely competitive market, suited to all user groups and last but not least - bargain prices. 

Our main priorities are: 

Quality and quick connection 
Higher guaranteed speeds 
Open and rapidly growing network 
Flexible architecture. 
Permanent, unlimited use of the Internet, with a monthly fee fiskirana 
Activation of service in the shortest time 
Quality of service, which is not affected by weather conditions 
Security relationship through an encryption system 
Broadband Internet access, without restriction of traffic. Permanent and stable connection, suitable for seamless Web browsing, online games, real-time audio and video applications generating large traffic. 
Get free real static IP address, allowing you to water conferencing, video surveillance, security cameras and more. 
You get completely free mailbox, 50 MB of our server, activated anti - spam protection. You have the option for remote access to your e-mail account through the Web, so you can read their letters, even when you are on your computer. 
Installation fee is not paid for inclusion. 
The service does not require purchase of additional equipment for its use.

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