1003 telephone service is licensed to ITC for international, long distance, local, mobile and non-geographic calls at low prices. 

This service enables subscribers to these telecoms to make outgoing calls through the system of ITC SA to benefit from advantageous tariffs. 

Customers use your existing telephone line from BTC to contact the ITC system of AD in the entry point for access and then select the phone number searches. The conversation is conducted through the system, charging is based on the price list of ITC SA. Following the introduction of the rule of Carrier Selection (provided the same license and the provisions of the CRC), talks through the system of ITC JSC shall be made by dialing a code 1003. 

1003 is suitable for users of telephone services, which require a reduction in costs, without changing their use operator. 
1003 e service, suitable for private and business customers. 

The choice of ITC for the telecom service provider and ensure your 1003: 

Full application - Each user of the fixed network VIVACOM may use an automated service in 1003. It is enough customers willing to use the "Choose a provider with 01,003 code" to sign the proxy statement-form of ITC in order to declare their desire to BTC for avomatizirane of service selection operator with 01,003 code " 

Ease of use - Customers using the service of ITC 1003, while keeping their phone number; 

Free connection - 01,003 is the free national code for calls across a network of ITC (which makes the connection for free). 

Convenience - With the 1003 you can register more than one phone number in the customer's account and use the service from every one of them. 

Competitive prices - Have the exclusive opportunity to speak with Bulgaria and the world price of ITC. 

Convenient charging - The 1003 service can be paid in various ways and comfortable in cash and bank transfer through bank cards. 

Reducing costs - With the 1003 ITC to save up to 50% of your bill for phone calls. 

Monitor your account - Our customers can subscribe online and printed reference to the calls and to verify by telephone the current obligations and account balance. 

Information Center - Team by phone 02 / 484 04 04 provide 24 hours reliable service to customers and competent and professional response to each question. 

Charging of accounts and payment of current obligations issued invoices for service 1003 may be made online through e-pay, in cash at the tills of ProCredit Bank and ITC. 

* There are limitations: the service is not available to subscribers of Vivacom cost and limited subscription term, and the package "Disabled" for subscribers to choose to ban 0 (long distance and international calls), some subscribers of telephone exchanges.
General conditions for relations with the service abonatita "Choosing a transmission medium"
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