Keep your fixed number and speak more cheaply at home and abroad


With the introduction of portability of fixed numbers of each fixed phone users in the country can change its telephone operator and to maintain fixed number. Portability greatly facilitates users to transfer their numbers to a new operator willing to offer better quality, price and service. 

You can also take advantage of the portability and join us quickly and without much effort! 

If ported numbers to the ITC will use substantially lower prices for local, long distance, international calls and calls to mobile numbers in Bulgaria! You will be able to decide at what prices to talk to your chosen subscription plan. 

Conditions for number portability to the network of ITC 

Client is in Bulgaria 
To have access to quality internet connection (LAN, cable or DSL) 
Following the procedure for transfer: 

Submit a written application form in the office of your current provider that you wish to transfer your phone number. The application must be signed by the holder of the telephone line or by his authorized representative; 
Thus end their contractual relationship with your current provider. For each ported number is required to pay your current supplier of single-user fee of 5 EUR with VAT; 
At the time of application must have paid all debts to the operator, if applicable; 
Within 2 days after application your servicing operator certificate for portability; 
Visit the office of ITC to submit a certificate; 
ITC can build your IP connectivity if you have any; 
The deadline for transfer of telephone numbers is a maximum duration of 25 calendar days, ITC will have a ready physical transfer is within 3 working days. 
Contract for a period of 12 months with the ITC to provide fixed telephone service 
When you make a call to the number that is transferred to another system, ITC will inform you via an acoustic signal lasting 3 (three) seconds. After the alert, you will be assured one second in which to decide whether to make or to terminate the call. Time of acoustic signal and one second behind him are not charged. Only calls billed to successfully connect.

Listen to alert here:

Or download as a.mp3 file

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