New lower prices on calls from 01.08.2010


ITC reduces the cost of long distance and calls to mobile destinations in Bulgaria. 

The price for 1 min call to all mobile operators in Bulgaria is the lowest offer so far 0.25 BGN (with subscription "Business"). For one minute call to mobile networks in the country, each of our client uses the other tariff plans of ITC Ltd, will pay a price of 0.27
BGN to 0.31 BGN, depending on the postpaid plan. 

Price for 1 minute long-distance call is 0.048 BGN (subscription to "Business" and "Premium"). For all other numbering plans to retain the old prices. 

New, lower prices are valid for both new customers and all existing customers of ITC using sledplatenite our subscription plans. 

Changes in the tariff policy of Eastern Telecommunications Company comply with rapidly changing market conditions, ITC aims to offer its services at prices that are competitive with those in Bulgaria. 

ITC users get the opportunity to lead a long phone calls at low prices without the worry of the cost of telephone bills.

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