Do not allow others to pick up the receiver instead of you!


Secure Voice VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects business information from unauthorized access and preserve its integrity. It turns Internet into a secure communication channel. Thus the confidentiality of the information in your network is guaranteed.

With protected Virtual Private Networks (VPN) of ETC, we provide intra-corporate telephone traffic between your offices throughout the country and guarantee the security of conversations via secure channels for transferring of voice. All employees of your company and you can be sure in the security of the conversations.

To make more secure and protected conversations with your partners it is enough:

Together with your partners,

The service is applicable to all types of Internet access – fiber optics, leased line, wireless, broadband and dial-up access.

The service protected VPN conversation is provided free to subscribers of ЕCT who have declared their wish to activate it. All necessary telecommunication terminal equipment can be provided by ETC or after consultation with our specialists to purchase them from the distribution network.


For more details, contact us by e-mail, or call tel. 02/484 04 22, 02/484 04 26, 0885448877, 0885550099.

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