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provides 24 hours reliable service to customers and competent and professional response to each question.

About Us

Eastern Telecommunications Company SA is a licensed telecommunications operator, offering a wide range of communications solutions - voice services, high speed Internet access, as well as enterprise solutions - leased lines, MAN services and virtual private networks.

Eastern Telecommunication Company SA was established in 2003 as a provider of services in the field of telecommunications and information technology. The company is one of the first four companies that received in September 2003 authorized the building, maintenance and use of public telecommunications fixed telephone network and provision of voice service in the Republic of Bulgaria.

ITC SA services are suitable for corporate and individual clients and have high reliability, competitive prices and ease of use.

Eastern Telecommunications Company is a national operator that provides consumers with alternative options for their communication, including local, long distance and international calls.

We offer national phone number and all the familiar comforts of your fixed-line telephony.


Eastern Telecommunication Company SA has invested in building a network of new generation (Next Generation Network - NGN), to make its customers a part of global trends in telecom sector: IP - based services, integration of networks for telephony and Internet, the freedom to use the phone wherever you are.


* ITC SA has its own international and national transmission network garantirano aloud with quality.
* Customers of the company may receive current information, technical advice and recommendations of our non-stop telephone contact with customers 02 / 484 04 04 and 02 / 484 04 84 and to rely on excellent technical support
* 24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days a year - maintaining and monitoring network
* Technology to provide services regardless of Optical Internet and digital TV.
* Guaranteed quality of services offered.


Eastern Telecommunications Company SA holds the following licenses:
* License for fixed telephony, which entitles the company to create, maintain and use the telecommunications network and provide voice service with national coverage for 20 years. License № 116 A - 02638 / 09.09.2003, the permission of CRC № 01339 / 23.12.2008 on * License for access to voice telephone service through the choice of operator (selection) - License № 116 B - 02638 / 15.10.2004 d. Permission from CRC № 01340/23.12. 2008

Our Contacts

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+359 (2) 484 04 19
+359 (2) 484 04 21
+359 (2) 484 04 22
Tech. support:
+359 (2) 484 04 04
+359 (2) 484 02 41
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Our Mission

ITC SA is a dynamically growing and progressive company with young and ambitious team. Main idea of setting it up is to work towards the provision of alternative means of communication available to all.
We provide people with new opportunities to communicate with the world.
Build and maintain close relationships with their customers. Serve them quickly and efficiently. We offer complete solutions for their business.
Will preserve the youthful spirit and innovation of our company, flexibility and desire to understand customer needs.
ITC SA team relies on a new approach to working with clients. Striving to meet their needs is positioned as the primary task.